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Land reform FTW: #BTEHbook Friday, more good sh#t from the cutting room floor

Because I care, here is a Friday #BTEHbook update on my forthcoming book, Beginning to End Hunger, despite the fact that I’m technically still on holiday this week! (For new readers, #BTEHbook presents the story of Belo Horizonte, home to … Continue reading

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New book/book chapter (and other new pieces) out!

At long last, my book chapter on the MST (Landless Rural Workers’ Movement in Brazil) is out, as part of the volume Subsistence Under Capitalism! M. J. Chappell. “Alternative agriculture, the vernacular, and the MST: Re-creating subsistence as the sustainable development … Continue reading

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New publication (book review)

My take on Raymond De Young and Tom Princen’s The Localization Reader: Adapting to the coming downshift is now up at Landscape Ecology. It’s (The Localization Reader) worth a read, especially for some of the beautiful and inspiring, classic and … Continue reading

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A powerful take on local food (interspersed with a stream of consciousness)

Parke Troutman tells us that “Carrots are not enough” in a compelling piece challenging the framing and potential of local food, and urging a nuanced but still forward-looking and positive vision of the movement. Humans have never eaten “all locally”, … Continue reading

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A small publication from a pilot study during my first field season in Ecuador

Information Flows in Community-Based Monitoring Exercises in the Ecuadorian Amazon it’s open access! Abstract: Community-based monitoring schemes provide alternatives to costly scientific monitoring projects. While evidence shows that local community inhabitants can consistently measure environmental changes, few studies have examined … Continue reading

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New Paper from Johan in PLoS One; MJC clip from “Feeding the World while the Earth Cooks”

Congrats to Dr. Johan Oldekop, lab postdoctoral associate, for his most recent paper, “Co-Occurrence Patterns of Common and Rare Leaf-Litter Frogs, Epiphytic Ferns and Dung Beetles across a Gradient of Human Disturbance”, which just came out in PLoS One! Also, … Continue reading

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New Publication

Another paper from my PhD work is out in PLoS One: Co-Occurrence Patterns of Common and Rare Leaf-Litter Frogs, Epiphytic Ferns and Dung Beetles across a Gradient of Human Disturbance Indicator taxa are commonly used to identify priority areas for … Continue reading

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Elsevier Boycott Gains Steam

“Thousands of scientists vow to boycott Elsevier” — article at Science Magazine. I’ve just signed on at “The Cost of Knowledge” to boycott refereeing, submitting, or editing for Elsevier journals (this unfortunately includes a journal I was otherwise going to … Continue reading

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New Publication in Human Ecology

The first publication from my PhD fieldwork is now available online here, please let me know if you do not have on-line access and would like a re-print. Environmental Impacts and Scarcity Perception Influence Local Institutions in Indigenous Amazonian Kichwa Communities Johan … Continue reading

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New publication; critiques, and counter-critiques in brief

I am proud to be one of ~20 scientists, headed up by ecologist Joern Fischer, who recently published a Letter to the Editor* in Science. Our letter, “Conservation: Limits of Land Sparing”, critiques an article by Ben Phalan and colleagues … Continue reading

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