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Is the movie Food Evolution propaganda? Yes. But wait, there’s more.

Last month, I was one of the signers of an open letter about the movie Food Evolution, and how it was not an adequate representation of the debates around GM (Genetically-Modified) crops. And boy has that letter provoked a reaction! A … Continue reading

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GOOD SCIENCE(tm): Is the Elsevier Boycott well-founded and rational?

Interesting thing–the Elsevier Boycott I linked to a post or two ago has had some questions raised about it, and a critique or two from sympathetic scholars (warning: Comrade PhysioProffe is prone to using very adult–that is to say vulgar–language, … Continue reading

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Neutrality and Bias

In a conversation with a colleague yesterday, the idea of trying to remain critical and analytical, and by implication, “neutral” or unbiased came up. This parallels another recent conversation with my friend and colleague Maywa Montenegro, who is a PhD … Continue reading

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