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Red Earth, brought to you by #BTEHbook Friday

Originally posted on Farming Pathogens:
They lived like monkeys still, while their new god powers lay around them in the weeds. ― Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars For a column to be published on Earth Day, the day of the…

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Call for Abstracts: Yale Food Systems Symposium, Oct. 18-19, 2013

Yale Food Systems Symposium Yale University, October 18-19, 2013 Request for Proposals The parallel forces of urbanization and globalization are transforming our planet. They are bringing unprecedented changes to food production and distribution, livelihoods, communities, and the environment. While the … Continue reading

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Reflections on Raj Patel’s talk in Portlandia

The First Congregational Church in Portland, OR was buzzing with people. I looked around, as I often do at events like this, and noticed that the crowd was primarily white, and seemingly middle and upper class. Where was everyone else? … Continue reading

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“Vegans and Ethical Omnivores, Unite!”

My dear friend Tammi “Tammois” Jonas, of Jonai Farms and Twitter (I consider her to essentially be a dual citizen of Australia and Twitteronia) has a wonderful (she would say “orsm”) post on the ethics and pragmatics of omnivory. Of … Continue reading

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Latest from Frankie Moore and Anna Lappé

Check out the latest mailing from two pivotal and engaging figures of the food movement (Frances Moore Lappé and her daughter Anna Lappé). In case that link doesn’t work, here are the highlights: An awesome Interactive Timeline, with over 150 … Continue reading

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Miguel Altieri Talk! + Bonus Footage of AgroEcoProf introducing the famed agroecologist with blinding, almost intelligible speed

Our good friends at NWAEG at Cornell have recently posted a video of eminent agroecologist, Prof. Miguel Altieri from his talk for NWAEG Cornell in 2009. Witness my nearly unintelligible introduction to Miguel! But be sure also to witness this … Continue reading

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Last bit (for now, I think) on Energy’s centrality and specialness

[Shalizian Attention Conservation Notice: Some 1000+ words wherein I realize halfway through a major source of the dispute/confusion, at least on my part. After some wheel-spinning I ponder the semi-Clintonian idea of Energy vs. “energy” and re-derive the fact that … Continue reading

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The Jha Lab opens its doors at UT Austin

CONGRATS to Dr. Shalene Jha, a dear friend and colleague from the Vandermeer Lab, who recently began her professorship at University of Texas at Austin. Why not visit the Jha Lab page?

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