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Red Earth, brought to you by #BTEHbook Friday

Originally posted on Farming Pathogens:
They lived like monkeys still, while their new god powers lay around them in the weeds. ― Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars For a column to be published on Earth Day, the day of the…

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It’s not just the price of food, stupid

Posted November 26, 2013 by Dr. M. Jahi Chappell Originally appeared at IATP’s Think Forward Blog: Photo: From a Food System Plinko game at the Minnesota State Fair. “People are encouraged to vote with (agricultural) tokens for which part they value the most. … Continue reading

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New publication (book review)

My take on Raymond De Young and Tom Princen’s The Localization Reader: Adapting to the coming downshift is now up at Landscape Ecology. It’s (The Localization Reader) worth a read, especially for some of the beautiful and inspiring, classic and … Continue reading

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Good policy requires working with people democratically and transparently, not (just…) good science (…once more into the breach, dear friends…)

Returning to a theme I’ve explored before, this excerpt from a 2011 letter to the journal Science says it all. Responding to a letter by Charles Perring, Anantha Duraiappah, Anne Larigauderie, and Harold Mooney, Briggs and Knight write (in 2011) … Continue reading

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Originally posted on [ EpiAnalysis ]:
The international non-governmental organization Oxfam has just put out a major new campaign, the likes of which seem as large—or larger—than their “Make Trade Fair” Campaign that crystalized during the massive globalization protests of 1999. The…

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Economist Samuel Bowles: Still awesome after all these years: Another from the “old news, but interesting news” file

Noted institutional/evolutionary economist Samuel Bowles in an article from New Scientist last year on farming (the agricultural revolution…) as “initially a step back for human productivity.” (The more rigorous and detailed analysis at PNAS can be found here.) Bowles is … Continue reading

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Quick Note on Development, sovereignty, and the Millennium Villages Project

Just spent the afternoon scratching an itch I had to look at the research on the Millennium Villages Project, which aims to end extreme poverty, with a focus on Africa. It is headed by noted economist Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia … Continue reading

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Triste demais… sad news…

I am incredibly saddened to see that Elinor Ostrom has passed away. She was an intense academic crush of mine, being a key figure in presenting and analyzing the evidence that the “tragedy of the commons” is not an inevitable … Continue reading

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GOOD SCIENCE(tm): Is the Elsevier Boycott well-founded and rational?

Interesting thing–the Elsevier Boycott I linked to a post or two ago has had some questions raised about it, and a critique or two from sympathetic scholars (warning: Comrade PhysioProffe is prone to using very adult–that is to say vulgar–language, … Continue reading

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Elsevier Boycott Gains Steam

“Thousands of scientists vow to boycott Elsevier” — article at Science Magazine. I’ve just signed on at “The Cost of Knowledge” to boycott refereeing, submitting, or editing for Elsevier journals (this unfortunately includes a journal I was otherwise going to … Continue reading

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