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Red Earth, brought to you by #BTEHbook Friday

Originally posted on Farming Pathogens:
They lived like monkeys still, while their new god powers lay around them in the weeds. ― Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars For a column to be published on Earth Day, the day of the…

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It’s not just the price of food, stupid

Posted November 26, 2013 by Dr. M. Jahi Chappell Originally appeared at IATP’s Think Forward Blog: Photo: From a Food System Plinko game at the Minnesota State Fair. “People are encouraged to vote with (agricultural) tokens for which part they value the most. … Continue reading

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“Academic success is partly (but significantly) a lottery”

Re-posted (reblogged) from Jason Antrosio’s excellent blog Living Anthropologically, another bit pointing to some of the problems of academic valuation and valuing quantity over quality in academic publishing and prestige: [Nassim Nicholas] Taleb[, author of the book “The Black Swan: … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sociobiology:
Isn’t it a shame that some people think writing is a born talent, not a learned trade? We writers know that is not true, so we all have our methods for helping others also become writers.…

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Originally posted on Sociobiology:
Two students meeting. Should we women be retiring, or aggressive? How do we strike a balance between being modest, yet letting our brilliance shine? How many times have you heard stories of women who were viewed…

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Originally posted on Pia Lentini:
Dodgy phone photo #2: Panel discussion (Prof Andrew Hopkins, Dr Marnie Blewitt, Prof Tony Peacock) The gist of the Forum was that frankly, the situation for young scientists in Australia is pretty dire. Here are…

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Originally posted on [ EpiAnalysis ]:
The international non-governmental organization Oxfam has just put out a major new campaign, the likes of which seem as large—or larger—than their “Make Trade Fair” Campaign that crystalized during the massive globalization protests of 1999. The…

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Glenn Davis Stone on GMO Myths

Originally posted on fieldquestions:
When you hear about “Myths About GMO’s” you can usually expect a polemic from an activist.  It may be an anti-GMO activist debunking myths like “GMO’s can help feed the world” or a pro-GMO activist debunking…

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Originally posted on fieldquestions:
Last week British anti-GMO activist Mark Lynas took to the podium at a conference to apologize (or apologise) for having spent years “ripping up GMO’s.” Now he has decided that Genetically Modified Organisms are “an important…

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Originally posted on Geoff Tansey blog:
That was the title of a conference at the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House, in London on the 10th and 11th of December 2012. Because it was held under the Chatham House…

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