Dr. Johan A. Oldekop

Johan A. Oldekop, Ph.D.

Research Interests:

I am interested in the role that rural communities can have in conservation issues. Over the last few years, I have been working in the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon, concentrating on socio-economic factors and land-use in indigenous Kichwa communities. Specifically, how these factors translate into environmental impacts and whether these impacts feedback to the communities themselves in the form of local management regimes. I have also worked on trying to get communities involved in biodiversity monitoring and devising appropiate biodiversity indicators. At Washington State University, I will be working on food security policies, land-use change and their impacts on biodiversity in Brazil.

Personal website: www.madasascientist.com


Oldekop JA, Bebbington AJ, Hennermann K, McMorrow J, Torres B, Truelove NK, Tysklind N, Villamarín S & Preziosi RF (2012) Remoteness and common-pool resource institutions have contrasting effects in biodiversity and forest cover in indigenous Kichwa communities. Conservation Letters (in submission)

Oldekop JA, Bebbington AJ, Truelove NK, Tysklind N, Villamarín S & Preziosi R (2012) Co-abundance patterns of common and rare leaf-litter frogs, epiphytic ferns and dung beetles across a gradient of human disturbance. PLoS One (in press)

Oldekop JA, Truelove NK, Villamarín S & Preziosi RF (2012) Information flows in community-based monitoring exercises in the Ecuadorian Amazon. International Journal of Zoology (in press)

Oldekop JA, Bebbington AJ, Holmes G, Truelove NK, Villamarín S & Preziosi RF (2012) Environmental impacts and scarcity perception influence local institutions in indigenous Amazonian Kichwa communities. Human Ecology (in press)

Oldekop JA, Bebbington AJ, Berdel F, Truelove NK, Wiersberg T & Preziosi RF (2011) Testing the accuracy of non-experts in biodiversity monitoring exercises using fern species richness in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Biodiversity & Conservation 20(12), 2615-2626

Oldekop JA, Bebbington AJ, Brockington D & Preziosi RF (2010) Understanding the Lessons and Limitations of Conservation and Development. Conservation Biology 24(2), 461-469

Oldekop JA, Smiseth PT, Piggins HD & Moore AJ (2007) Adaptive Switch from Infanticide to Care: How do Beetles Time their Behaviour? Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20(5), 1999-2008

Langan AM, Wheater CP, Shaw EM, Haines BJ, Cullen WR, Boyle, JC, Penney D, Oldekop JA, Ashcroft C, Lockey L & Preziosi RF (2005) Peer assessment of oral presentations: Effects of student gender, university affiliation and participation in the development of assessment criteria. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 30(1), 21-34

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