Amber A. Heckelman, M.A., M.S.

Amber is a PhD student in Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences. Her research centers on food security and sovereignty in the Philippines, and utilizes agroecology, ecological anthropology, political ecology, and participatory action research.

Amber’s research will explore and document the affects of MASIPAG agroecological practices. Magsasaka at Siyentipiko para sa Pag-unlad ng Agrikultura (MASIPAG) is a cooperative of peasant farmers that work with both scientists and NGOs to (re)implement traditional and sustainable farming methods throughout the Philippines. Amber’s research aims to measure the degree in which MASIPAG farms are resilient to climate change and contributing to food security; as well as examine how knowledge is generated and disseminated within the network.

Click here for Amber’s full CV 7.2013

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