WSU Lab Alumni

Alumni of of the Laboratory of Agroecology & Urban Ecosystems at Washington State University

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  • Johan A. Oldekop, Ph.D.
    • AUE Lab Postdoc, January – December 2012
    • PhD, University of Manchester (UK)
    • Johan’s research is mainly concerned with the role that rural communities can have in conservation issues. He was a Postdoc with the AgroEcoGroup in 2012, studying the relationship between food security policies, land-use change and biodiversity in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This was followed with a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Sheffield’s new Institute for International Development.
    • Currently: Marie Curie Research Fellow, International Forestry and Resources Institutions (IFRI) Network, University of Michigan
    • When not chained to the desk, Johan likes to take photographs, look at graphic design books, build fixed gear bicycles and cook tasty food.
  • James R. Moore
    • B.S., Environmental Science, 2011
    • M.S., Environmental Science, 2014
    • Currently: Ph.D. Student, Bishop Lab, Washington State University Vancouver
  • Heidi N. Sears
    • B.S., Environmental Science, 2011
    • Heidi left us for warmer climes in Texas, leaving us without a neatness maven to keep us strictly in line.
  • Brittany Winston
    • B.S., Biology, 2012
  • Kirsten Turner
    • B.S., Biology, 2012
  • L. Michael Lege, M.S.
    • Masters of Science, Environmental Science, 2012
    • Michael conducted research on biological nitrogen fixation (BNF), and related socioecological interactions and practice adoption in Eastern Africa.
    • Currently: He is continuing this work as a PhD student at WSU under Dr. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs.
  • Curtis McFeron (Undergraduate Lab Member 2011-2012)
  • Darius Saadat-Moghaddam (Undergraduate Lab Member 2011-2012)
  • Jamie Stepniak (Undergraduate Lab Member 2011)
  • Apryl Corey (Undergraduate Lab Member 2012)
  • Karissa Kelley
  • Kathryn Kane

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Graduate Students

DSCN0022_smallJames R. Moore

M.S. student, Environmental Science

James is a current master’s degree student, whose research is focused on urban agriculture, agroecology, food policy, biodiversity, and sustainability.




janel skreen 2Janel Skreen

M.S. student, Environmental Science; co-advisee w/Prof. Steve Sylvester

Janel is a current graduate student conducting research in the wine grape region of the Russian River water shed of Northern California. She is currently examining the adaptability of social-ecological coupling at the interface of nitrogen management.

Viva La Vía Campesina!Jude Wait, MiM

Ph.D. Pre-Candidate, Environmental Science

Jude is conducting research on how farmers get information on practices and how it is disseminated.

Amber A. Heckelman, MA, MS

Ph.D. Pre-Candidate, Environmental Science

Undergraduate Students and Lab Staff

  • Kat Pang, Research Assistant

  • Becca Neville, Lab Manager