PARABENS Amber! Chappell Lab’s First Graduate Student to Graduate

Congratulations to Amber Heckelman, the Chappell Lab’s first graduate student graduate! Amber successfully defended her M.S. project last Friday in Pullman, presenting to a small bi-campus audience including (of course) her committee (myself, WSU School of the Environment Prof. Andy Ford, and U. of Idaho’s Prof. Guy Knudsen). Amber’s the first, but will happily not be the only for long! Stay tuned.

Amber ALSO was co-winner, last week, of the WSU Association for Faculty Women Founders’ Award for Outstanding Women in Graduate Studies:

Truly a momentous week for the lab. One more round of “congrats” for Amber — who will also be our “newest” graduate student, as she joins the Vancouver lab team as a PhD student this Fall!

I’m very happy to have the first of no doubt many (formal*) honors and accomplishments by our AgroEcoStudents! Keep it up!

*There are of course tons of little accomplishments all the time, and sometimes not-so-little, that go underappreciated in graduate student life. The Chappell Family Motto, however, is “Celebrate every victory (no matter how small).”

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